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We've been fortunate enough to push the big red 'Go Live' button on some pretty exciting projects over the past 12 months, but I think it's safe to say today sees some product launches that we're both proud of and excited about in equally huge measures.

Spotify is a platform we've been huge fans of since it's launch in 2008. It's all we listen to, all day, every day in the office. We all have Premium accounts for when we're not in the office. We all believe it's a fantastic service. So, when we were approached earlier to this year to develop some of the very first Record Label Apps, we were excited and apprehensive in equal measures - after all, it's not something we (or many other people) had done before. Not only that, but out of the 13 Apps launched today, we have built 2 of them - which marks an intensely rewarding period of work for us.

Image courtesy of Spotify

The first App is for EMI Music, and everyones favourite compilation collection - Now That's What I Call Music - a brand so strong that it's been running for 29 years, and sold over 100 million albums. It's really exciting to see how this brand moves with the times, embracing emerging technologies such as Spotify. And that's where our Now That's What I Call Music Spotify App comes in!

The App is based around three key areas:
• Discover: Through a weekly Top 20 Chart, and regularly curated playlists from the Now team, it's easy to keep up to date with all the latest pop hits.
• Create: Easily create your own Top 20 playlist, or generate playlists for your friends on any theme with the Playlist Wheel.
• Share: Create playlists for your friends based on their available Facebook information.

All of these features mean it really has never been easier to discover or share music with your friends, all presented in a fun way perfectly tailored to the target audience.

Check it out here:

The other App we've created is for [PIAS], one of Europe's leading independent music groups, who have been responsible for bringing us some of our personal favourite releases such as Sigor Ros and Soulwax. The App is updated weekly with curated playlists to help music lovers discover new music from their incredible roster of labels and artists.

Check it out here:

From a development point of view, it's been hugely challenging at times. Developing functionality that truly hasn't been done before means there's nowhere to turn for help, and it's a huge testament to the skill and hard work of both our design and development teams that these Apps are there for all to use.

And this is just the start. The opportunities these Apps open up are huge, and we can't wait to develop more - as committed users of Spotify, we have plenty of thoughts for great new Apps to enhance the already fantastic service it provides.

UPDATE: We've had some nice reviews already, courtesy of the MSN Tech Blog, The Guardian, Gizmodo, and the EMI Blog.

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